Getting Around the Dashboard

Learn how to use our dashboard to monitor your solar system, energy consumption and batteries. Here are four of our most popular pages.

Energy Consumption

The energy consumption page is found by clicking the “Consumption” tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard. The consumption page is a great way to get an overview of the impact solar is having on your bill and how much power you are using.  


The consumption page is highly interactive, and you can easily change views by using the < | > arrows or the calendar. The daily section allows easy comparison between different days, while the section below allows you to look at different time scales e.g. weeks or months. Changing the time scale or date also changes the energy breakdown we provide below the daily consumption section. 

The energy breakdown section is a great way to get a snapshot of how much you are producing and consuming for a given time period.  For more information, refer to our support centre article on the consumption page.

Your Savings

As mentioned in the above Energy Consumption section, the Consumption tab also provides a quick method for seeing how much of a financial impact your solar installation is having. To see this, scroll down the consumption tab to find the section below the Energy Breakdown, i.e. 


As with the Energy breakdown section this section changes depending on the time scale selected. By clicking on the “ > Savings ” heading or the “Savings” tab you can find more detailed breakdown on how much you are saving with solar. This can be found in the Savings Breakdown section. For more information, refer to our support centre article on the savings page.



System Performance

The system performance page is found by clicking the “Performance” tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard. The performance page provides the best way to  determine if your solar system is performing as expected. With one easy click, you can see the result of all our powerful analytics.


The top part of the performance page instantly tells you if your system is performing as expected using an easy to see dial. Below the dial section, we also provide an interactive performance section which allows you to look at the performance on a customisable time scale. Please refer to the Energy Consumption section on how to navigate this part. 

For more information on the performance page, please visit our support centre article. To see the type of faults we notify users on please refer to the alerts support page here.

Monitoring Multiple Sites

Maybe you have a different property, your own business, or would like separate analytics for the solar on your shed and love Solar Analytics so much that you decide to set up monitoring multiple sites. We provide an easy way to switch between those sites! Simply go to the “Switch Sites” tab under the settings section. If it’s your first time logging in, you’ll get to pick which one to look at first.   



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