Know your subscription type and expiry

Which subscription plan am I on and when does it expire?

As we've grown as a company, we've become better at communicating through our reseller partners that Solar Analytics is a software subscription service. All our Solar Analytics users are on a paid subscription from the moment of installation.

You can see exactly what kind of subscription you are on in the ‘My Subscription’ tab on your Dashboard (i.e Refer to the screenshot below to locate it). This will generally either be Lifetime or One Year - both of which your reseller has paid for on your behalf. Alternatively, you may be on a 30 Day trial.


Subscription renewal

Solar Analytics will send a renewal notice email twice (i.e 6 weeks and 3 weeks) before the site expires. You will find a link inside the email that redirects to the payment page if you’re logged in already.

Alternatively, you can also click on the red pop-up banner at the top of the site dashboard to take you to the subscription page.


Access here for more information on how to renew on the portal and download your receipt.

Access here to check all of of our subscription frequently asked questions.





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