Set Up

How to get your own fleet dashboard created, set up accounts for your team, and pre-register your first site.

1. Fleet Dashboard Set Up

1.1. Fleet Dashboard Creation

Before installing Solar Analytics hardware, we will need to create a 'Fleet Dashboard' for your business where you will add and manage all your sites.

Simply email us the details of the primary person who will manage your fleet and receive the notifications and alerts. We require their name, email address, phone number and your business name.

1.2 Fleet Dashboard Access

The primary contact at your company will receive an email requesting activation and password creation. Once completed, you can then access your fleet dashboard two ways, via the

  • Solar Analytics website, or
  • Solar Analytics App called 'My Solar' available on both iOs and Android

To know more about our fleet dashboard features, watch our 'Using the Dashboard - For Resellers'

1.3 Managing logins and access to your fleet and sites

In this section, we will introduce the different types of account you’ll need to run your business. 


The two links here will provide a guideline on how to start utilising them:

  1. Teams 
  2. Customers


2. Site Dashboard Set-Up

2.1 Pre-site registration

We highly recommend that sites are registered before the hardware is installed to simply and speed up the installation process.

To create a site on your fleet dashboard, you will need to have the following information ready:

  1. Customer email address and phone number
  2. Site location details
  3. PV system configuration with inverter and panel sub-array details
  4. Subscription

Click on the ‘Add New Site’ button located at the bottom of ‘My Site List’ page on your fleet dashboard to start registering your site. 

Pro-tip: It is best practice to have all the information for the registration entered until step 3 or 60% prior to installer visit. When on site, the installer can then continue to register the device serial number and run the install check tool (i.e please provide the installer with the site name or site id displayed on the pending list)


For more detailed information on site registration page, click here.




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